This site primarily ensure that open and public information of consumer interests relating to medicines, medications, convenience food, toiletries, cleaning agents and cosmetics are available at your fingertips.

These brand specific information are painstakingly culled from product leaflets or packaging containers and thereafter properly organized in such a way that can be easily accessible and readily retrievable.

The information contained in our posts are believed to have been approved by applicable regulatory agencies e.g. NAFDAC but are also further reviewed by a qualified professional.

We understand that there are isolated practices in some parts of the world where medicines are dispensed from local drug kiosk, shops, pharmacies, clinics, hospital and other health establishments in such small units that the patient information leaflet are not released to the patients.

There are also practices where unqualified health persons recommend and dispense medicines that are not actually meant for the particular illness in a bid to make gains at the patient’s risk. There have also been cases of grave errors by qualified health practitioners in administering wrong medicines to patients which has also resulted death or deformities.

This site will be of immense help when used by patients and their caregivers to ensure medicines that has been dispensed or is to be dispensed to them is the right one and for the treatment of the applicable health condition.

These collections could also be of immense help to researchers, students, teachers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nutrition experts, dermatologists, health organisations, government organisations, NGOs and other persons of interest.

There is no sale or supply of prescription medications or medicines on this site. Drug abuse and self-medication is also not supported or encouraged by this site. Persons who use this site are encouraged to consult a health professional when in need of medical attention or advice and not to rely on the content of this site absolutely.

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