Angels Trumpet Leaves Medicinal Value

Angel's Trumpet Plant
Angel’s Trumpet Plant

Angel’s Trumpet (Datura arborea) belongs to the nightshade family of flower plants and has been proven to relieve intestinal cramps, stomach aches and gall bladder pain.



The Angel’s Trumpet plant leaves helps to relieve:

– Intestinal cramps

– Stomach aches

– Gall bladder pain



1. Pluck 1 or 2 leaves of the Angel’s Trumpet and rinse properly with clean water.

2. Grind the leaves thoroughly and soak them in 100ml (7 tablespoon) of water for 24 hours.




Take a minimum of 10 drops or maximum of 15 drops every 4 hours.



Not recommended for children



This medicinal herb is very poisonous when taken more than 15 drops.

Do not take more than the recommended dose.


Credit – Where there is no doctor

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  1. I suggest that puppet should be used in measuring the drops to aid accurate measurement, since over dose is poisonous.

    1. To be on the safe side I think sticking to 10 drops should be fine and good using finger drop.

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