Bodical Ivory Glow Lotion

Bodifame Ivory Glow Lotion and Soap

Bodifame Ivory Glow Extra Whitening Lotion is made for those who want to be extra-light in complexion or who already have extra-light skin colour.

The organic ingredients used makes Bodifame Ivory Glow Lotion exceptionally good for persons who want their skin to glow and at the same time very smooth. Bodifame Ivory Glow Lotion also fade away stretch marks on any part of the body.

Bodifame Ivory Glow Lotion controls the amount of oil produced by your skin especially for those who experience oily face and keeps the oil level low and normal.

Bodifame Ivory Glow Lotion is a lightening lotion and is different from all other organic lotions in the sense it has been developed overtime and tested by a group of volunteers of different skin types.

This has enable us formulate Bodifame Ivory Glow Lotion professionally to cater for your skin in a very mild and effective way so you can get the best results that you always wanted.

Bodifame Ivory Glow Lotion has three blends; there is the Standard blend, Grey blend and White blend.

Bodifame Ivory Glow Lotion contains Fruit Juice, Vitamin C, Carrot Oil, Mulberry Extract, Rescue Oil.

Boditreat Essentials Wellbeing & Skincare range of products. We also have Bodical Pure Coconut Oil, Bodical Palm Kernel Oil, Bodical Beauty Scrub, Bodical Pimple Clear Soap, Bodical Pimple Clear Cream and Bodical Knuckle/Elbow Cleaner
Boditreat Essentials Wellbeing & Skincare range of products. We also have Bodifame Pure Coconut Oil, Bodifame Palm Kernel Oil, Bodifame Beauty Scrub, Bodifame Pimple Clear Soap, Bodifame Pimple Clear Cream and Bodifame Knuckle/Elbow Cleaner

Bodifame Ivory Glow Soap

We also have Bodifame Ivory Glow Soap that is also organically made to complement our Bodifame Ivory Glow Lotion.

A combination of these two wonderful products will give you the very fair and glowing skin that you have always longed to have all your life.

Bodifame Ivory Glow Soap contains Tumeric Powder, Honey, Coconut Oil, Sandalwood, Glycolic, Glutathione.

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