Combination 3 Family Planning Pills

Combination 3®
0.03mg Ethinylestradiol, 0. 15m Levonorgestrel & Ferrous Fumarate Sugar Coated Tablets

Family Planning Pills


What is Combination 3?

Combination 3 Child spacing pills are low dose oral contraceptive pills. They are safe modern way to space your child’s birth.


How do I take Combination 3?

Remember to take your pill every day.

1. On the first day of your menses (periods or monthly flow), swallow the first white pill at the start point (→) on the pack.

2. Take one pill at the same time every day by following the arrows on the pack. When you finish the white pills, take the brown pills until the pack is finished.

3. After finishing the brown pills, you must start taking pills from a new pack on the very next day.


Helpful Reminders

Combination 3 Child spacing pills must be taken at the same time every day even if you are not having sex every day.

• Take your Combination 3 pill at the same time each day.

• Place the Combination 3 sticker where you will see it each day.


Can I have children in future?

YES! Using Combination 3 will not stop you from having children in the future. When you want to have a baby, stop taking the pills and after 2 or 3 months you should be able to get pregnant.


Is Combination 3 safe to use?

Combination 3 is safe and gentle on your body. Millions of women around the world use similar pills and have no harmful effects.


What are the benefits?

Combination 3?

• Protects you from unintended pregnancy.

• Allows you to have children when you are ready.

• Contains iron that helps the blood stay healthy.

• May make your monthly period (menses) more regular, less painful, milder and you could have less bleeding.

• Can even protect you from some types of cancer.


Will I have side effects?

Some women may have side effects. These are not harmful and will become less or go away after one or two months. Such side effects may be light headache, feeling like vomiting, vomiting, dizziness, mood changes, a little weight gain, breast tenderness and slight bleeding between periods or sometimes missed periods.


How can I know more?

If you need more information about Combination 3 or other child spacing advice, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.


What if I forgot?

If you forget the pill for only one day, swallow one pill as soon as you remember and continue taking the pills as you were taking them before (even if this means you take two pills in one day).

If you forget to take the pill for two days, you should take two pills each day for the next two days and then continue the pills as you were taking them before.

If you forget to take the pill for more than two days, you should use condoms or not have sex until your next period. Throw away any pills that you have left. On the first day of your next period start a new pack of Combination 3.



Pills do not protect you from HIV/AIDS or other STDs such as gonorrhea or syphilis.

Use a Condom to protect yourself from HIV/AIDS or other STDs.

Please remember to take your Combination 3 pill at the same time each day.


Additional Information

Combination 3 & Ferrous Fumarate are Child Spacing Pills manufactured by Delpharm Lille Sas (France).

Combination 3 is packed and marketed by The Society for Family Health, Lagos Nigeria.
Each Combination 3 cycle contains 28 pills. Each biege coloured tablet contain 0.15mg Levonorgestrel and 0.03mg Ethinyl Estradiol and each brown tablet contain 75mg Ferrous Fumarate.

Taking Combination 3 does not affect a woman’s long-term fertility, so it can be used to delay the birth of a first child, to space the births of children, or to limit family size.
Before starting the pill, a woman’s health care provider should ask her about her medical history to see if it is safe for her to take the pill.

Child spacing counselling will ensure method confidence, improve compliance, and help allay any fears or misconceptions woman might have about using low-dose child spacing pills.

Taking Combination 3 pills give health benefits besides child spacing. These include more regular and less painful periods, less menstrual bleeding, fewer menstrual cramps, reduced risks of ovarian and endometrial cancer, reduced risk of benign breast disease and ovarian cysts, reduced incidence or ectopic pregnancy, anaemia and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Some women may experience side effect such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weight gain, headaches, moodiness, breast tenderness, spotting and occasional missed periods while taking child spacing pills. Combination 3 child spacing pills are a low-dose formulation that is designed to reduce these side-effects. These will reduce or disappear once a woman has been taking the pill regularly for some time. The incidence of serious side effect like psychiatric disorders, skin and subcutaneous disorders are extremely rare.

A woman can take Combination 3 if she is adolescent, does not have children yet, she is breast feeding a child who is at least six months old, she is post-partum and not breast feeding (starting as soon as 21 days after childbirth) and if she has just had an abortion or miscarriage.

A woman should not take Combination 3 if she knows or suspect she is pregnant, she is 21 days or less after childbirth, is breast feeding a child less than 6 months old, has unexplained abnormal vaginal discharge, has active liver disease, is over 35 years old and smokes, has a history of very high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke, has a history of blood clotting problems, has a history of diabetes (more than 20 years), knows or suspects that she has cancer of the breast, has severe repeated headaches that come with trouble either seeing or speaking, she is taking drugs for epilepsy or tuberculosis or she cannot remember to take the pill every day.


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