Corn Milk Infants Cereal with Milk

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Baby’s first complimentary food, gentle first food with corn, sufficient nourishment to sustain proper health and growth.

Gentle easy to digest, nutritious, delicious with immunonutrients: iron, zinc, vitamin A & C.

Corn milk is suitable for use as the first complementary food.

Breastfeeding should continue for as long as possible after introduction of complimentary foods.



Whole corn flour

Non-diary creamer

Rice flour



Calcium carbonate

Edible essence.



1. Wash your hands with water and soap before preparing baby’s food, make sure all utensils are clean.

2. Put 45g corn milk into baby’s bowl.

3. Pour 150ml hot water slowly into baby’s bowl stir while pouring the hot water until the cereal is smooth.

4. Feed the baby with a clean spoon when the corn milk cooling to the proper temperature.


Feeding Table

Age   Stage 1-junior
Water   150ml
Powder   45g
Meals per day Cereals 1-2
Others Milk feeds 3-4

From 6 months in addition to milk and cereal, it may be also appropriate to give your baby other foods.



Do not keep unfinished portion.

Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.


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