Corn or Maize Silk Medicinal Values

Maize Cobs
Maize Cobs

Maize or Corn belongs to the cereal family; the silk is the thread-like material from the maize cob ear and its known to have various medicinal values.



Tea made from the maize cob silk helps to:

– Increase urine output.

– Reduce swelling of the feet.

– Particularly swelling of feet in pregnant women.



1. Collect a large amount of the cob silk and rinse with clean water.

2. Cook the maize cob silk in water and allow to boil before bringing it down.



Drink 1 or 2 glasses at necessary intervals.

The tea made from the maize comb silk has no overdose effects.


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  1. Do you have to add milk and sugar into the tea made from maize comb silk before taking

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