Divine Softening Concentrate Extracare Bady Oil

Divine Body Oil.

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It contains various nature plant nourish essential ingredients. Especially formulated for babies’ tender skin, the formula has already passed a series of strict medical tests. The product is absolutely pure and mild without irritation, and can provide safer care for every baby’s skin. It adopts top-quality mineral oil, which is pure and mild and can be easily absorbed by skin. After use, it can form a moisture protection film on the skin-surface to effectively lock the water, prevent chapped skin and irritation. Meanwhile it can effectively soften dandruff of the baby. This product is mild without irritation, and is suitable for the whole family to use.



Mineral Oil

Isopropyl Myristate


Methylparaben Phenylparaben



To apply on the whole body before drying it after bath, and then wipe the body slightly with towel. When you clean baby’s dandruff, apply on baby’s head before washing hair, massage for some minutes till dandruff turns soft, and wash dandruff with shampoo.



Keep in dry place and in normal temperature.



For external use only, stop using once any discomfort occurs.

Please use before expiry date.


Manufacture for

Dr. Easy Impex Co., Ltd.

Formulated in USA

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