Emperor Pure Vegetable Oil


Pure Vegetable Oil


Cholesterol free.

Fortified with Vitamin A.

Contains natural Vitamin E.


Suitable for deep frying and cooking.



Vegetable Cooking Oil (Refined Palm Olen)

Vitamin A



Amount Per 100 g

Energy 89Kcal

Total Fat 99.3 g

monounsaturated fat 41.1 g

polyunsaturated fat 10.7 g

saturated fat 47.5 g

Vitamin A 2000 IU

Cholesterol 0 mg

Trans Fat 0 g

Sodium 0 mg

Store in a cool and dry place.


NAFDAC REG. NO. 08-2745


Produced by

Raffle Oil LFTZ Enterprise

Lagos Free Trade Zone, 168, Itoke Village, Ibeju

Lekki Area, Lagos, Nigeria.


Distributed by

Multipro Consumer Products Ltd.

44, Jimoh Odutola Street, Iganmu,

Lagos, Nigeria.


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