Fesulf Ferrous Sulphate Tablets


Ferrous Sulphate Tablets



Each sugar coated tablet of Fesulf contains Ferrous sulphate BP 200 mg equivalent to 65 mg of elemental iron.



Iron is essential constituent of the body, and needed for haemoglobin formation and the oxidative processes of living tissues. Absorption is increased in conditions of iron deficiency and is decreased if the body stores are overloaded. Ferrous iron is the most efficiently absorbed than other forms of oral iron preparations.



Fesulf is indicated in iron deficiency anaemia due to malabsorption of iron from the diet and parasitic infestation. It is indicated in the prophylaxis of iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy, breast feeding, menstruation and after child birth. Fesulf could also be used after excessive loss of blood due to accident or post operation.



Fesulf should not be administered with antacids, tetracycline, and tea/coffee because absorption of iron is inhibited as a result of the formation of unabsorbable complexes with the constituents of these materials.



Fesulf should not be administered to patients with haemolytic anaemia, peptic ulcer, enteritis or ulcerative colitis and hypersensitivity to iron salts.



Gastrointestinal disturbance such as constipation, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramping, dark stool and staining of teeth.



Adult and Children over 12 years

– Iron Deficiency anaemia: One tablet 3 times daily.

– Prophylaxis: One tablet once daily.



30’s and 100’s and 1000 Tablets.


Manufactured by

Therapeutic Laboratories (N) Ltd

372, Ikorodu Road Mende,

Mayland, Ikeja – Lagos.

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