Fincap Cocoa Powder

Fincap® Cocoa Powder

Ingredients, Direction for use, Baking uses, Storage, NAFDAC Registration number and Producer of Fincap Cocoa Powder Food Beverage.



Cocoa Powder

Sodium Chloride


Direction for Use

Put half a teaspoon of Fincap Cocoa Powder into a cup of tea, add hot or cold water, put milk, honey or sugar as desired.



Fincap Cocoa Powder can be used as chocolate flavour and colouring for your cake, chocolate bread and biscuits.



Store in a cool dry place.


NAFDAC REG. NO.: 08-0555


Produced by

Fincap Investment Co. Limited

26, Bioyin Street, Jankara, Ijaiye,

Lagos, Nigeria.

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