Fincap Icing Sugar

Fincap Icing Sugar

(Sucre glace)


Fincap Icing Sugar also known as confectioneries sugar is milled and blended with other ingredients to give a very fine powder used to make icing.

Fincap Icing Sugar can be used for any type of cake, cookies and deserts, it can be used to decorate a variety of pastries and bake goods.



Sugar 98%

Anticaking Agent 2%



Butter Cream Icing

300g-500g Fincap Icing Sugar

150g of Butter

2-3 table spoons cream

Any food flavor if desired

Royal Icing

200-300g Fincap Icing Sugar

2 eggs white

2-4 drops of fresh lemon juice

Food flavor optional

Flat Icing

500g and above Fincap Icing Sugar and enough water to mix

Glaze Icing Sugar

Enough Sugar

Enough water to mix

Fruit or any other flavor as desired

Fondant Icing

Other icing that can be made from Fincap Icing Sugar are fudge icing and for icing.


NB. Keep any left over in a cool dry place.




Made in Nigeria by

Fincap Investment Co. Ltd.

26, Bioyin Street, Jankara,

Ijaiye-Ojokoro, Lagos

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