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FLEX by GOLD CIRCLE condoms are made of latex. If used correctly every time you have sex they are highly effective at preventing unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV, Gonorrhea and Syphilis.

No method of contraception (prevention of Pregnancy), however, can provide 100% protection against pregnancy or the transmission of HIV and AIDS or other STIs. The Federal Ministry of Health advices that avoiding sex altogether, or sticking to one sexual partner who has been tested for HIV and found uninfected, are the best protection against STIs including HIV.


FALSE: I don’t need to use a condom with my regular partner because I trust him or her.

TRUE: No matter how well you know someone, he or she could have HIV or an STI without knowing it. To be safe use a condom every time you have sex. Using condoms will help develop trust between you and your partner.

FALSE: My partner is on the pill or an injection to prevent pregnancy, so I don’t need to use condoms.

TRUE: The pill or injection doesn’t protect against STIs. Condoms protect both of you against infections you may not know you have.

FALSE: I don’t need to use a condom because my partner comes from a good family.

TRUE: HIV infection and STIs do not care who is a good or bad person. You cannot tell by looking at someone if they are infected or not. Anyone can be easily infected if they are not careful about using condoms every time they have sex.

FALSE: Using two condoms at the same time is better than one.

TRUE: Friction between the two condoms may cause both to tear. One condom is always safer than two.

FALSE: The human immunodeficiency virus is so small that it can pass through the condom latex.

TRUE: Latex condom has been scientifically shown to stop the AIDS virus. It cannot pass through.



HIV cannot be passed on, like colds or flu. You can get HIV through three ways:

1 Through sex with an infected person especially if no condom was used.

2 By getting infected blood into your bloodstream. This can happen if dirty blades, needles or syringes are shared with an infected person, or if a blood transfusion is given where the blood supply is not tested for HIV beforehand.

3 From an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding.



1 Carefully tear open the foil pack at the serrated edge to avoid damaging the condom. Do not use the teeth or blades. Take out the condom.

2 Hold the tip of the condom to the trapped air.

3 Place the condom on the erect penis and with your other hand, unroll the condom fully over your penis.

4 Ensure that the condom is rolled the length of the penis to its base.

5 After ejaculation (coming or releasing semen) hold the condom at the base of your penis and pull out of your partner before your penis becomes soft. Slide the condom off your penis without spilling any semen.

6 Tie a knot in the used condom and dispose off immediately either by:

a. Throwing into a pit toilet.

b. Burying it.

c. Burning it.



Always keep the condom(s) in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not store in your wallet or in the car. FLEX by GOLD CIRCLE condoms are lubricated Do not use petroleum jelly/Vaseline, oils, cream or lotions to lubricate the condom.

If you need extra lubricants, use FLEX condom lubricant (available from pharmacies and patent medicine stores near you).

Always look for the expiry date printed on the condom pack or foil. If it is past the expiry date or the foil is broken or damaged, do not use the condom inside. A condom should be used only once and then disposed of properly. Remember one round, one condom!


For more information about using FLEX by GOLD CIRCLE condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS, STIs and unplanned pregnancies contact:


Society for Family Health Nigeria

Block IV, Plot 24, 25, 26, 27 & 28

Ogun State Housing Corporation Estate,

Off Idiroko Road,

Ota – Ogun State, Nigeria.



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