Ginsomin Ginseng Multivitamin and Minerals Capsules




Each softgel capsule contains

Ginseng Extract 50.0 mg

(Eq. to dried Ginseng Root 250 mg)

Natural Betacarotene  6.0 mg

Vitamin D3 . Ph. Eur. 2000 IU

VItamin B1 Ph. Eur. 1.5 mg

Vitamin B2 Ph. Eur. 1.5 mg

Vitamin B6 Ph. Eur. 2.0 mg

Vitamin B12 2.0 mcg

Vitamin C Ph. Eur. 60.0 mg

Natural Vitamin E Ph. Eur. 15.0 IU

Nicotinamide Ph. Eur. 20.0 mg

Calcium Pantothenate Ph. Eur. 6.0 mg

Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Ph. Eur. 255.0 mg

Folic Acid Ph. Eur. 200.0 mcg

Iron Ph. Eur. 15.0 mg

Copper Ph. Eur. 2.0 mg

Zinc USP 5.0 mg

Magnesium USP 4.0 mg

Manganese USP 1.0 mg

Potassium Ph. Eur. 3.5 mg

Selenium 35.0 mcg



Helps relieve fatigue and stress. Provides vitamins and minerals supplement.



One capsule daily with breakfast or as directed by a physician.


Pharmacological Action

Ginseng Extract increased natural killer cell activity, showed significant immunomodulatory effects, reduced plasma total cholesterol and triglycerides, and elevated HDL levels.

Multivitamins and Minerals are essential role in regulation of a crucial metabolism, play a part in many biochemical and physiological processes necessary for body maintenance and improved nutritional status.


Drug Interactions

Ginseng Extract – Patients taking phenelzine (an MAO Inhibitor), warfarin (an anticoagulating drug), or zidovudine (an HIV drug) should consult with a healthcare provider before using ginseng. Ginseng intake may slightly reduce blood glucose levels.

Use with caution when taking with significant amounts of stimulants such as coffee, sugar, and caffeine-containing teas.



The excessive and uncontrolled intake of ginseng products should be avoided. One case of ginseng extract associated cerebral arteritis has been reported in a patient consuming 200 ml of a preparation made from 12.5 g (dry weight) of ginseng.


Pregnancy and Lactation

In accordance with general medical practice, ginseng should not be used during pregnancy or lactation without medical advice.



Should not be taken by children or pregnant women.



Please take for 2 months and give break for one week before restarting Ginsomin.

Continue this break cycle as long as needed or recommended by your physician.


Adverse Effects

Safe, if used in the prescribed dosages.



Store below 25oC in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.



Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.



10 Capsules in a blister pack, 3 blisters packed and sealed in an aluminium pouch, placed in a cardboard carton.


NAFDAC REGD No. : 04-3282


Manufactured under license from


Victoria 3810, Australia.


By: MEGA LIFESCIENCES Public Company Limited

Bangpoo Industrial Estate,

Samutprakarn 10280, Thailand.

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