How Walnuts Improve Fertility and Boost Sperm Quality


Daily intake of walnuts can reduce cardiovascular diseases, impair prostate cancer risk and improve male fertility; this was said by Medical experts in Lagos on Wednesday.


The medical experts highlighted to newsmen that seasonal fruits are very beneficial when consumed because they contain health benefits that could reduce infertility in persons who eat them.


Rains Hospital’s gynaecologist, Dr. Oriola Idris said infertility and sub-fertility is a burden to a lot of individuals that affects a whole lot of persons in unknowing ways.


“Walnuts are part of foods that can enhance men’s fertility; other seasonal fruits are also packed with a lot of health benefits.


“It contains high antioxidant content along with numerous micro-nutrients that may boost male fertility.


“The nuts have vital nutrients such as plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid known as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is necessary for the improvement of reproductive health in men.


“Consuming a high amount of ALA derived from walnuts has been linked to a reduction of aneuploidy occurrence or the abnormal production of sperm cell chromosomes.


“Being a rich source of a-linolenic acid, a natural plant source of Omega-3, eating about 75 grammes of walnuts daily can help improve sperm quality, sperm vitality, motility and morphology,” he said.


Emphasis on walnuts health benefits was also highlighted by a nutrition biochemist Mrs Remi Esunrunoso. She indicated that people should also develop the habit of eating always because of its numerous health benefits.


She said that a daily consumption of walnuts for a three months period can substantially increase sperm count and male fertility.


“We know that walnut is a seasonal fruit, but it is usually available in the market all the year round.


“Studies have shown that this fruit can reduce many sicknesses in the body.


“Walnuts contain many variants of Vitamin B: Folate at 115 mcg, B6 at 600 mcg and thiamin at 400 mcg.


“Walnuts are also high in manganese, selenium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phytosterols. That is why they can cure many cardiovascular diseases.


“Walnuts may help to reduce not only the risk of prostate cancer, but breast cancer as well.


“Walnuts also contain the amino acid l-arginine, which offers multiple vascular benefits to people with heart disease, or those who have increased risk of heart diseases due to multiple cardiac risk factors.


“Walnuts contain several unique and powerful antioxidants that are available in only a few commonly eaten foods.


“It also helps in weight control and offers support for brain development and type 2 diabetes.


Source: NAN

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