Infinity Frosted Honey Stars Cereals

Infinity Frosted Honey Stars Cereals

Made With Natural Honey.

Nutritional and Healthy.



Rice Grits

Corn Grits

Wheat Flour

Milk Powder

Vegetable Oil



Glucose Syrup

Natural Honey

Honey Flavour

Calcium Carbonate

Soya Lecithin


Average Nutritional Value Per 100g

Energy 158.9Kl/37.5Kcal

Protein 7.9g

Carbohydrates 78.9g

Carbohydrates of which Sugar 30.2g

Fat 1.5g

Fibre 8.1g

Salt 0.2g


Method of Use

Pour needed quantity of frosted Honey Star into a bowl, Add milk and sugar, and stir, then it’s ready to eat.


Store Away from Heat, Moisture, Sunlight and Strong Odour.


NAFDAC REG. NO.: B1-2441


Manufactured by

Infinity Snacks and Beverages Ltd.

3, Irewon-Imowo Road,

Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria

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