Lamox Amoxycillin Capsule and Suspension

Lamox Amoxycillin Powder For Oral Suspension and Capsules

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LAMOX is braod-spectrum semi synthetic acid stable penicillin that is similar in bacterial activity to ampicillin. It kills bacteria by interfering with the synthesis of the bacteria cell wall. It is effective against non-pencillinase producing gram-negative organisms including Salmonella and Shingella species, Neisserie species, Escherichia coli and other suspectible gram-positive organisms like streptococcus species.

LAMOX is destroyed by beta-lactamase and is therefore ineffective in most Staphylococcal infections.



LAMOX is stable in gastric acid and 50% to 90% of a dose is absorbed after oral administration. Its absorption is more complete than that of ampicillin and it is weel absorbed in the presence and absence of food and distributed in most body and tissue fluids. Penetration into the cerebrospinal fluid and brain occurs only with menigeal inflammation. It is partially metabolized to inactive metabolises and excreted in urine. In patients with normal renal functions, higher and more prolonged level may be achieved by concurrent administration of probenecid.



Urinary tract infections, Otitis media, Respiratory tract infection, Enteric fevers, Meningitis, Gram-negative septicaemia, Surgical infections, prevention of ineffective Endocarditis.



CHILDREN: up to 10 years: 125mg every 8 hours and should be doubled in severe infections. 10 years and above: 250mg every 8 hours.

ADULT: One capsule (500mg) every 8 hours or as directed by a Physician.



To make 100ml of the suspension, add 80ml of boiled and cooled water or provided water, invert and shake the bottle until all powder is dispersed.

80ml is measuring 10ml eight times using the measuring cup provided.

Shake well before taking each dose.



The dry powder should be stored below 25oC. The suspension should be used within 7 days of preparation and stored in a cool place preferably in a refrigerator.



Penicillin hypersensitivity and infectious mononucleosis.



Reduced dosage is required in patients with impaired renal functions e.g. Renal failure, neonates and premature infants.



LAMOX is generally well tolerated. Side effects that occur are usually mild and may include diarrhea hypersensitivity reaction similar to those induced by ampicillin, including rashes and fever.



Suspension: Each teaspoonful (5ml) conatains 125mg of Amoxycillin as Amoxycillin Trihydrate in 100ml bottles.

Capsule: Each capsule containes 500mg of Amoxycillin as Amoxycillin Trihydrate.


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