Legalex Silymarin Liver Support Tablets

70 mg tablets Silymarin Liver Support



Each tablet contains:

Silymarin 70 mg



The liver has several vital functions to perform in the human body e.g. it plays a dominate role in metabolism (sugar, protein and fats), in digestion (bile secretion) and in the detoxication of waste products. Every form of liver damage causes changes in the membranes of the liver cell and in this way impairs the functional capacity of the liver.

Silymarin, is of plant origin. It acts as a cell membrane stabilizer and is capable of protecting the liver against deleterious agents, which can cause toxic liver disease and accelerates the regenerative capacity of the damaged liver. These effects are reflected in improvement in general condition, relief of digestive symptoms, improvement of signs of liver disease and normalization of liver function test.

Treatment of hepatic diseases resulting from biharziasis, viral hepatitis and ameobiasis has not yet been substantiated.


Indications and Usage

Legalex tablets are used for liver support only.


Side Effects

No side effects are known in conjuction with the proper administration of designed therapeutic dosages.


Drug Interactions

The concomitant use of silymarin and butyrophenones results in a reduction of lipid peroxidation.

Silynarin has an antagonistic effect with yohimbine and phentolamine when given simultaneously.


Dosage and Administration

As directed by the physician or as follows:

The daily dosage has been effective and well tolerated at 140 to 420 mg divided in 2 to 3 doses.



Pack contains 40 tablets or 750 tablets.

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Council of Arab Health Ministers and Union of Arab Pharmacists


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