Livercap Forte Essential Phospholipids and Multivitamins Capsules




Each soft gelatin capsule contains:

EPL (Essential phospholipids) B.P. 300 mg.

Vitamin B1 B.P. 6 mg.

Vitamin B2 B.P. 6 mg.

Vitamin B6 B.P. 6 mg.

Vitamin B12 B.P. 6 mcg.

Nicotinamide B.P. 30 mg.

Vitamin E-acet. B.P. 6 mg.

Excipients q.s.



Livercap provides the diseased liver – the metabolic activities of which are impaired with large amounts of readily utilizable, high energy “Livercap” phospholipids. These “Livercap” phospholipids ideally correspond to the vital endogenous phospholipids in terms of chemical structure, but are even superior to the latter from the functional point of view. They are mainly transported into liver cells, incorporated into their membranes and, in addition, passed on into the bile. Livercap thus

– normalises disordered liver functions and enzyme activities,

– improves the energy balance of the liver,

– promotes the regeneration of the liver tissues,

– converts neutral fats and cholesterol into transportable forms and makes them available for combustion,

– stabilizes the bile

physiologically and without side effects.

The combination of vitamins contained in Livercap guarantees the sufficient supply of vitamins actively participating in the metabolism.



All forms of acute and chronic liver diseases; for the prevention of recurrence of gall stones; hepatogenic gestoses; psoriasis; irradiation syndrome.


Administration and dosage

Unless otherwise prescribed by the Physician, 2 capsules 3 times daily to be swallowed whole with some fluid during meals.


Side effects

None known



None known


Special note

Not to be stored at temperature exceeding 25°C.

Protect from moisture.

Keep all medicines out of reach of children
NAFDAC Reg. No.: 04-3709


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Briyosis Soft Caps Pvt. Ltd.

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