Luna Popular Filled Evaporated Milk

Luna Popular

Filled Evaporated Milk

Pure cow’s milk solids with vegetable fat.



Total Solids min. 28%

Vegetable fat 8.0%

The milk is guaranteed produced from high quality cow’s Milk solids

High refined Palm oil

Vitamins A, B, C, D, E

Natural stabilizers (E407, E322, E339)


Typical Nutritional Facts per 100g

Energy 145kcal

Protein 6.8g

Carbohydrates 10.3g

Total Sugar 9.9g

Fat 8.0g

Calcium 252mg


Popular Milk contains all milk vitamins and minerals that are essentially required for strong healthy growth.


Popular Milk is rich and delicious in taste when added to tea, coffee, cereals, desserts, pap or any other dish made with milk.


For drinking, add cold or warm safe drinking water to the content to suit your taste.


Unsweetened Evaporated milk is not to be used as breast milk substitute.


Ideal storage temperature between 20oC to 30oC.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Keep refrigerated after opening and consume within 3 days.




Produced by

Oriental Food Industry Ltd.

KM 14, Ibadan-Lagos Expressway,

Ibadan, Oyo State,


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