Nature Care Soft Vitamin E Capsules

Composition, Description, Indications, Dosage and administration, Cautions, Adverse reactions, Drug interactions, Storage, Package and Manufacturer of Nature Care soft Capsules Vitamin-E USP 1000 I.U. medicine.

Each capsule contains Vitamin E 1,000 I.U.

Each oblong soft capsule is filled with pale yellow solution.

1. Vitamin E deficiency
2. As an assistant therapy of malfunction of peripheral circulation (intermittent claudication, chilblain).
3. As an assistant therapy of malfunction of endocrine (ovulatory disorder)

100-1000 I.U. per day orally.

1. The drug should be with caution administered in the folowing case
a) Vitamin E has been reported to increase the risk of thrombosis in patients who are predisposed to this condition, including patients taking estrogens.
b) There is no evidence of the safety of high doses of vitamin E in pregnancy.2. Adverse reactions

2. Adverse reactions
a) Occasionally, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, constipation may occur.
b) Rarely, eruption may occur.
c) Nausea, muscular debility, fatigue, headache, vision disorder has been reported with long-term administration.
d) Injury of Gl tract, decrease of gonad function, creatinuria, has been reported with doses greater than 1,300 I.U. daily.

3. Drug interaction
a) In the treatment for children with iron-deficient anemia, concomitant administration of NATURE CARE with iron supplements may suppress action of iron.
b) High doses of vitamin E uses up vitamin A of the body, inhibits the absorption, action of vitamin K.

Store in a cool and dry place.

50, 100 Capsules.
(Packaging size may vary according to request).

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