Nosy Car Liquid Shampoo


Special Formula for All Climate

pH Balanced.

Protect Car Paint.


NOSY Car Liquid Shampoo is formulated to clean the entire body and glasses of cars to become clean and shiny.

NOSY Car Liquid Shampoo is able to eliminate dirt, mud and grease without damaging car paint and is safe to use it daily.

NOSY Car Liquid Shampoo won’t cause scratch or dots on car surface.

Use NOSY Car Liquid Shampoo regularly to protect and maintain the cleanliness of your car.


Direction of usage

1 Pour NOSY Car Liquid Shampoo adequately into an empty pail, add approximately 5 litres of clean water and stir until foam exist.

2 Wet car in advance.

3 Clean the car by using NOSY Car Liquid Shampoo with sponge or soft cloth.

4 Flush until clean, then dry up with soft and clean dry cloth.


Manufactured by



KEMKES RI PKD 20308110166



Prince K.C. Auto Investment LTD,

Abuja – Nigeria