Oral B Pro Health Toothpaste

Oral-B PRO-HEALTH Toothpaste

Herbal Mint Gel

Give Protection from Tooth Holes

Attractive gel formula with refreshing Herbal Mint taste.

Calcident formulation helps to lock in calcium into your teeth to make them stronger and more resistant to new holes.


Strong Teeth

Sweet food and drinks can cause holes in your teeth and then advanced tooth decay and pain. But we can’t always brush after we eat.

Oral-B Pro-Health Strong Teeth helps to strengthen your teeth to give you protection against tooth holes.





Hydrated Silica

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate


Cellulose Gum

Trisodium Phosphate

Sodium Phosphate

Sodium Saccharin

Sodium Flouride



CI 19140


CI 42090


Active Ingredients

Sodium Flouride (1100ppm Flouride)


Brush your teeth twice a day with Oral-B paste and toothbrush for healthy and beautiful smile.


Children of 6 years and younger; use a pea sized amount for supervised brushing to minimize swallowing.


In case of intake of fluoride from other sources consult a dentist or doctor.


Endorsed by The Nigerian Dental Association


NAFDAC Reg. No: 02-6767


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