Peak 456 Growing Up Milk

Peak® 456


Peak 4-5-6 Growing Up Milk is a nutritional supplement, scientifically formulated in accordance with the international recognized guideline of the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) with the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrate value to meet the nutritional requirements of those vital years after a child’s third birthday.

2 glasses (400ml) of Peak 4-5-6 Growing Up Milk provides your child with relevant amounts of necessary nutrients to complete a healthy and adequate diet.

Peak, the leading Nigerian brand that originates from Holland, offers high and consistent product quality you and your family deserve.


Preparing for A Brighter Future

New Peak 4-5-6 supports your child’s brain, health and growth, during the important development period from 3 years onwards. Since about 90% of your child’s brain growth takes place by the time he is 5 years old, Peak growing Up Milk is Fortified with DHA.

Rich and creamy, Peak Growing Up Milk provides essential vitamins and minerals required in your child’s diet in a great taste they will enjoy.

Give your child Fortified Peak 4-5-6 Growing Up Milk daily to support your child’s body, mind development and performance to get a head start in life.


Important Notice

Peak 4-5-6 Growing Up Milk powder is specially developed for children who have stopped breastfeeding or taking infant or other Growing Up formulas. With Peak 4-5-6, your child can continue to benefit from the nutrition of Peak Growing Up Milk even after his third birthday.



Skimmed milk, Glucose syrup solids, Vegetable oils, Lactose, Saccharose, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Sodium L-ascorbate, Fish oil, Lecithin, Maltodextrin, Choline bitartrate, Vanilla flavor,Meso-inositol, Choline chloride, Taurine, Ferrous sulphate, DL-ᾀ-tocopheryl acetate, Zinc sulphate, L-ascorbyl palmitate, Nicotinamide, Manganese sulphate, Citric acid, Calcium-D-pantothenote, Cupric sulphate, Thiamin hydrochloride, Retinyl-acetate, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, β-carotene, Folic acid, Potassium iodide, Phytomenadione, D-Biotin, Sodium selenite, Cholecalciferol.


Average Standard Analysis Per 100g

Description Unit Per 100 g
Energy Value Kcal 445
  kJ 1860
Protein g 16.4
L-tyrosine Mg 865
Fat G 14.7
Linolenic acid Mg 1975
α-linolenic acid Mg 274
DHA Mg 55
Carbohydrates G 61.0
Lactose G 29.0
Sucrose G 5.0
Glucose syrup solids G 27.0
Moisture G ≤3.5
Fibre G 1.0
Fructo-oligosaccharides G 1.0
Calcium Mg 560
Phosphorus Mg 462
Ratio Ca/P   1.2
Iron Mg 7.1
Copper µg 182
Sodium Mg 190
Potassium Mg 730
Chloride Mg 450
Magnesium Mg 50
Zinc Mg 2.9
Iodine µg 124
Manganese µg 605
Selenium µg 16
Vitamin A µg-RE 383
Retinol µg 345
β-carotene µg 220
Vitamin D3 µg 7.4
Vitamin E µg 7.8
Vitamin K1 µg 27
Vitamin B1 µg 510
Vitamin B2 µg 500
Niacin mg-NE 6.0
Niacin Mg 2.2
Vitamin B6 µg 600
Folic acid µg 150
Pantothenic acid mg 1.9
Vitamin B12 µg 1.7
Biotin µg 16
Vitamin C mg 118
Taurine mg 57
Choline mg 136
Inositol mg 67
Sialic acid mg 88


How to Prepare Peak 4-5-6

To prepare 1 glass of milk, add 2 table spoons of powder 40g (1 table spoon approximately 20g) to 180 ml pre-boiled lukewarm water.

Do not use boiling water directly.

Peak 4-5-6 dissolves instantly in warm and cold water.


Support Mind Performance

DHA – building blocks for brain and eye development

Tryptophan & Tyrosine – important amino acids for the brain’s neurotransmitters

Choline – supports memory

Iron – plays an important role in neurological functions and brain development


Support Body Performance

Calcium & Vitamin D – supports strong bones and teeth

Protein – necessary for growth, muscle and bone formation

Vitamin B Complex – needed for the release of energy from carbohydrates, fat and protein

Zinc – essential for the functioning of the immune system.






NAFDAC Reg. No.: 08-2483


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