Philopara Paracetamol Injection

Philopara Paracetamol Injection C.P. 300mg/2ml

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Each ml Contains:

Paracetamol CP 150mg

Benzyl Alcohol CP 2% v/v

Water for Injection q.s.


Paracetamol has an analgesic and antipyretic action similar to salicylates. It is a suitable alternative as an analgesic and antipyretic for the patients who are allergic to salicylates.



Paracetamol is indicated for the relief of painful disorders in conditions such as headache, common cold, myalgia, influenza, muscular rheumatism, dismenorrhea and arthritis.



Paracetamol is prohibited for use in newborn babies since the solvent of this product contains 2% v/v of benzyl alcohol which may cause lethal gasp syndrome for new born babies. Paracetamol should be given with caution to patients with impaired renal and liver function.


Side Effects

The side effects of paracetamol are mild and rare. Skin reactions have been reported rarely.


Dosage and Administration

Adult and children above 10 years: 2-3m1. Children 1-10 years: 1-2ml. Depending on the severity of the case, dose may be repeated 4 hourly till temperature returns to normal or as prescribed by the physician. In severe cases, the dose may be administered intravenously very slowly.



In box of10 ampoules. Each ampoule 2ml.

In box of 100 ampoules. Each ampoule 2ml.



Store in a cool and dry place.


NAFDAC Reg. No.: B4-3487


Manufactured by

Hubei Tianyo Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

No 7 Dufu Block, Jianshe Road, Xiangyyang Hubei China.


Marketed By

A-Nwaeze Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

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