How To Use and Navigate Boditreat Forum Chat Room

Boditreat Logo
Boditreat Logo

Boditreat Forum is a free online chat page where you can chat with your friends and family. You can also have your questions answered regarding the blog.


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The following illustrations should help you make maximum use of Boditreat Forum.

1. Chat room name (Boditreat Forum).

2. Click to see recent chats.

3. Avatar/photo of user.

4. Username.

5. Number of users in chat forum.

6. Message box where you type in your messages.

7. Icon with which you can add emojis.

8. Icon to attach photo or video.

9. Icon with which you can attach files, doc, pdf, docx.

10. ‘Send’ icon with which you send message, photo, video, documents and emojis.

BD Chat main

As a BlogVisitor user you will need to enter your username every time you log in to Boditreat. This helps keeps your chats discreet in private chat page.

11. Click ‘customize’ to enter your username and also to change font colour for username and chats.

12. Text box to enter username your wish to bear in the chat forum.

13. Click ‘Save’ to save your username.

14. Click ‘Mute sounds’ if you do not want notification sounds.

15. Check ‘Text color’ box to choose colour of your username and chat font.

16. Click ‘Reset’ to activate the text colour you have selected.

BD Chat Customize

How To Save The Chat Link On WhatsApp for easy but discreet access

17. Press and hold the chat link sent to you to highlight it.

18. Click the star symbol to show a crossed star.

WAP Star

To access the link on WhatsApp

19. Click the three dots menu sign.

WAP Main menu

20. Click ‘Starred Messages’ from the popup menu.

WAP Pop up

21. The link will appear then click on it to go to BedicalDoctor Forum.

WAP Star message

You can invite a user for a private chat which will be visible to both of you only. The chat logs between you two can only be visible when both of you are online on the private chat page using the same chat names you used previously.

To invite a user to private chat click on the username on the ride side box as in 4 above; the private chat page will appear.

22. The username of the person you are chatting with.

23. Click the x sign to close or end the private chat.

24. Click the < sign to switch between privates chats or public (global) chat.

BD Chat Private

25. This ‘global’ indicate your are in the public chat forum.

26. Click > to switch back to the private chat(s).

BD Public

Enjoy your chat and feedback will be appreciated.