Sorbozim Sorbitol Powder

(Sorbitol 5gm)



Each Packet contains Sorbitol 5 gm.



Sorbozim contains Sorbitol powder form, which is useful as an osmotic laxative. Its laxative effects are equivalent to lactulose. Sorbozim is helpful in promoting secretion of the gall bladder. Sorbozim hastens elimination of toxins from the gastrointestinal tract.



• Constipation

• Gall bladder insufficiency

• Management of poison ingestion along with activated charcoal.



• Liver failure

• Renal failure

• Hereditary fructose intolerance.


Adverse Reaction

• None at the stated dosage.


Dosage and Administration

– Constipation

Dissolve the contents of 2-3 packets in ½ glass of water, drink at bedtime or as recommended by physician.

Children: Half the dose

– Gall Bladder insufficiency

Dissolve the contents of one packet in ½ glass of water, drink at 10 minutes before meals 1-3 times daily or as recommended by physician.

Children: Half the dose.

– Poisoning

Dissolve Sorbozim (1g/kg body weight), in 250ml water, mix with activated charcoal (1g/kg) and give orally by gastric tube.

Repeat one-half the dose if there is no charcoal stool after 4-6 hours.



No drug-drug or drug-food interactions are reported.


How supplied

Box containing 20 packets of 5gm Sorbitol.
N.R.N No: A4-7314


Manufactured by

The Pharmaceutical Products of India Limited.

Plot No. D-312/313, Turbhe M.I.D.C.,

Navi Mumbai – 400705, India.


Exported by

Naturon Healthcare Limited

Plot No. 233, Dheku

Khalapur, Dist – Raigad (M.S.) – 410203


Marketed by

Eminent Drugs & Pharma. Ltd.

6B Omonubi Street, Off Omilani Street,

Ijeshatedo, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

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