MIM Pharma Penicillin Potassium Ointment 20g Tube

MIM Pharma Penicillin Ointment 20g Tube



Each gram of ointment contains 10000 I.U of penicillin potassium BP.



Penicillin which was discovered in 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleming became popularized during the second world war for treating the injured in the war front. The medicine has since become helpful and popular for its efficacy and tolerance.

MIM Pharma Penicillin Ointment maintains the effectiveness today. It give antibacterial and bactericidal properties against many pathogenic bacteria in spetic wounds.

This it does by inhibiting synthesis of the components of cell walls of both gram positive and gram negative microorganisms. The bacteria losses the rigidity of their cell walls due to high osmotic pressure. Dissolution of the cell wall contents leads to their death.



In wounds, navel dressings, abscesses, post operative and all forms of bacteria skin infections.


Dosage and Administration

Clean affected wound surface properly with mild antiseptic lotion daily, dry with cotton wool, then apply MIM Pharma Penicillin Ointment by perforating the tip and pressing from bottom up. Spread widely to cover all infected wound surfaces with cotton wool and plaster or as instructed by your physician. Do daily dressing for 5 days; and if no improvement, contact your physician.


Adverse Effects

Over usage of product may develop resistance after many years. It is advisable to combine with any other antibiotic ointment or change to another product.


Contra Indications

Symptoms like skin rashes but not anaphylaxis may be experienced in people sensitive to penicillin. If so, see your physician.



Store in a cool, dry place below 25oC away from heat and light.

Keep all medicines away from children.



20g tube inside a green-white pack with product name, company name and address, dosage form, pack size, batch number, manufacture date, expiry date, NAFDAC Reg. Number and other instructions on the pack.


NAFDAC Reg. NO. 04 8601


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