Top Tea Round Tea Bags


Hand Picked Quality

Big Bags of Flavour

Round Tea Bags

Promoting Health and Vitality

Top Tea energizes and revitalizes body and soul with a quality blend of the very finest hand-picked teas sourced from top estates by our master tea-blenders.

Top Tea is naturally full of health-protecting flavonoid anti-oxidants theanine to help relax you.

Top Tea’s mild caffeine content gives you a natural lift when you need it most.

Enjoy hot or cold anywhere, anytime.



100% Pure Black Tea, nothing added. (Camelia sinesnsis)


Brewing Time

Weak 1 minute

Medium 2 minutes

Strong 3-5 minutes


Store in a cool dry place.


NAFDAC Reg. No. B1-8301


Made Under Licence for


Baarestrasse 75, 6301 Zug,



Packed by

Promasidor (Nigeria) Limited

3A Cowbell Way,

Isolo Industrial Estate,

Lagos, Nigeria.

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