Tavipec Spike Oil Capsules

Tavipec Capsules

Tavipec Herbal Capsules Medicine for Tubercolosis and Cough: Active Substance, How it works, What it is used for, Before you take Tavipec, Special care, Taking other medicines, Taking Tavipec capsules with food and drink, Pregnancy and breast-feeding effects, Driving and using machines effects, How to take Tavipec capsules, If you take more Tavipec capsules than you should, If you forget to take Tavipec capsules, Possible side effects, How to store Tavipec capsules, What Tavipec capsules contain, What- Tavipec-capsule look-like and contents of the pack and Manufacturer, Distributor Marketing Authorisation Holder and NAFDAC Reg. No. Continue reading Tavipec Spike Oil Capsules