Chimox 500 Mebendazole Tablet


Qualitative and quantitative composition, Pharmaceutical form, Clinical particulars: therapeutic indications, posology and method of administration, contraindications, special warnings and special precautions for use, Interactions, Pregnancy and lactation effects, Effects on ability to drive and use machines, Undesirable effects, Overdose, Pharmacological properties: pharmacodynamic properties, pharmacokinetics properties, Pharmaceutical particulars: list of excipients, Special precaution for storage, Nature and contents of container and Manufacturer of Chimox Tablet Medicine for Gastrointestinal Worms. Continue reading Chimox 500 Mebendazole Tablet

Balzole Albendazole Tablets

BALZOLE (Albendazole Tablets 400 mg)

Description, Label claim, Mechanism of action (Pharmacodynamics), Pharmacokinetics: absorption, metabolism, distribution, elimination, Indications, Dosage, Contraindication, Drug interaction, Warning/precaution, Side effects, Overdosage, Storage instructions, Manufacturer and Marketer of Balzole Tablet Medicine for Gastrointestinal worms. Continue reading Balzole Albendazole Tablets